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Las Vegas Attorneys

Las Vegas Attorneys

Finding an experienced criminal attorney is very important because if you or a loved one has been accused of a criminal act, you do not want to retain just any attorney. Our agency provides resources for some of the best attorneys in Las Vegas. All of these attorneys have proven themselves through a rigorous assessment of their work, through the following criteria:

Client Relations

Is the attorney available to speak with our clients on short notice? Is the attorney available outside of normal offices hours? Is the attorney respectful to our clients?

Work Ethic

Will the attorney personally see our clients through the court process? Will the attorney take on all related tasks associated with the case? Will the attorney battle the court system for a favorable case outcome? Is the attorney an expert with the charges filled against our client?

Financial Responsibility

Will the attorney discount costs and fees associated with legal representation for our clients? Will the attorney offer a payment plan, if necessary, for our clients?

Case History

Does the attorney have a track record of successful negotiations for  favorable outcomes? Does the attorney have a high case win ratio? Does the attorney have reputable and favorable relationships with the courts?

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DUI charges

Hawkins, Boley & ALDabbagh

Joshua U. ALDabbagh

(702) 435-3333

Drug Possession charges

Halo Attorneys

Parviz Heshmati

(702) 432-1000

Domestic Battery charges

Leventhal & Associates

Todd Leventhal

(702) 472-8688


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