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Larceny & Theft

Theft or larceny is a broad criminal charge in Las Vegas and Clark County. This may include a range of offenses from shoplifting, bouncing checks, or even purchasing stolen goods or property. Depending on the severity of the crime and value of the items stolen, the punishment can range greatly.

Theft & Larceny Bail Bonds

Brooks Brothers Bail Bonds provide theft and larceny bail bonds for individuals arrested for taking someone else’s property. After being arrested for a theft in Las Vegas there will be a hearing where the judge will set a bail amount. Should the defendant be unable to pay the total bail they can either remain in custody or obtain a theft bail bond for a percentage of the total cost of bail from a professional bail bondsmen such as those here at Brooks Brothers Bail Bonds.

When a Theft Bail Bond is Needed

Whether an individual was caught in the process of stealing or found in possession of stolen goods in Las Vegas, it is typical that the officer would an investigation. It is only after an officer feels they can provide evidence that an individual acted with criminal intent that an arrest will be made. This means that they have to feel they can prove that the defendant knew the property belonged to someone else and that they didn’t have their permission to take it. Additionally, they must be able to prove that the individual actually had or have possession of the stolen property.

All of these items are documented and evidence is collected by using physical evidence, including security camera video  for shoplifting cases, obtaining witness statements, or even accomplice statements.

Should you or a loved one be arrested for theft or larceny in Las Vegas a preliminary hearing will be arranged and a bail amount set to guarantee a return to court for his or her trial. Typically, a defendant cannot afford to pay the entire amount of the bond. This is when Brooks Brothers Bail Bonds can help. By paying just a small percentage of the total, our professional bail bondsmen will arrange a release from jail, very similarly as if the entire bail amount were posted.

Getting Released on a Theft Bail Bond

Regardless of whether a full bail amount is paid or a bail bondsmen posts on a considerably lesser percentage of the total bail cost, the defendant must still return for their appointed court date. It is not uncommon that for tourists arrested on theft or larceny charges in Las Vegas, a larger bail be placed to ensure their return to court.

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