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The True Cost of Your Home Safety

It’s 9pm in an affluent Clark County neighborhood on a cold Wednesday night. You go to double check that the front door is locked when a shadow from outside catches your eye. Suddenly, your heart does a somersault and your brother’s voice echos in your thoughts. “When are you going to get that home alarm system?” he had asked, reminding you how vulnerable you are in a 3,000 square foot house with a husband who travels 70 percent of the year.

Home safety requires a lot more than simply purchasing some hardware and a monitoring service. We decided to compile a few tips to help you keep your peaceful abode intact and trespasser-free:

1. Consider Your Daily Routine and Think like a CRIMINAL. Here’s why:

Understanding a potential culprit will help you divert unwanted attention.
Mixing up your commute times and routes will make your habits unpredictable.
At night, check the backseat of your car prior to entering the driver’s seat.

2. Use Social Media Safely
A healthy balance of sharing with a strong commitment to retaining privacy is crucial:

ATTENTION Grabbers! Don’t check in every time you arrive at a new location. Criminals often recognize patterns. And taking photos in your home is like posting an online gallery ready for fresh picking!
When discussing plans, take it to an isolated discussion forum.
Screen your friend requests.

3. Know Your Neighbors
Not so long ago, people pulled into the driveway and called the kids in for dinner. Post 80’s families have evolved into communities that drive straight into the garage. So you might want to take an extra step to become more aware aware of your neighborhood.

Organize a monthly gathering, perhaps on Sunday mornings with coffee and doughnuts.
Offer to leave your contact information with a neighbor in the case of an emergency or questionable activity. Your neighbor is likely to reciprocate.
Research the demographics in your area here :

We care about the safety of our communities and aim to eradicate crime. If you have any questions or comments you would like to share, feel free to contact us anytime. Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google +. Brooks Brothers Bail Bonds is in the business of facilitating quick and discreet jail releases. We would rather see you in the comfort of your home than the confines of a cell.