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Las Vegas Bail Bonds: Pricing


When searching for the right bail bonds company in Las Vegas, it is important to understand all the cost implications involved in the process.  This is dependent not only on where you reside, but also the specific company that you choose to go with.  Although there are regulations on pricing, every company will handle pricing slightly differently.  At Brooks Bros, our focus is on providing a fair, agreed upon price for the services we render.  We purposely do not overcharge, but we don’t undercharge either.

This is an important distinction;  We charge a fair enough price to stay in business, but we do not price gouge.  In the end, if you want good service – as in any business – you get what you pay for.   It becomes a matter of weighing your options.  To give you an example: there may be more steps involved in a domestic violence case, than with a normal DUI case.  There are some steps involved with cleaning a person’s name.  These are higher level services.  We may provide them, or point you in the right direction.

When you are put in jail, expedience is the priority, not just pricing.  With a top-notch bail bond agency, like ours, we focus on getting you out fast.  With this extra professionalism comes a cost; albeit we do charge fair pricing.  We also pay attention to detail, and focus more on your case than a Bail Bond Farm, where you are just a number.

Beyond speed & attention to detail, we also have a network of other service providers that we trust.  We can get you to a great attorney that deals in the area of law you need.  We take time to nurture these relationships with these attorneys, and we only refer out to the best.  This investment in the Las Vegas community matters.

It’s just a small example of how choosing the right Las Vegas bonds company will even be able to help you while looking for a good attorney in your area, or perhaps just spell out how the entire process works, so you can choose your own.

Beyond domestic violence or DUI charges, no what your charges are, or where you flew in from (local or not), you need to be sure that you are on your way to getting your life back.  You need to be sure that you have the freedom to prepare for your upcoming court. date.

Call Brooks Bros now if you live any where in the Nevada, Las Vegas area.