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The Importance of Bail Bonds in Las Vegas

A Bail Bond agency is a company that will come to your rescue when any person accused of a crime needs to get out of a Las Vegas jail.  Of course, this would be applicable to any person, regardless of their location, but we deal particularly with Las Vegas, Henderson, and the surrounding areas only.

When bail is set by the appointed judge, that sum of money needs to be deposited with the court system as an assurance that the person can be temporarily freed while awaiting their impending court dates.  The amount of this bail bond deposit depends heavily on the type of crime that was committed.  In other cases, it is dependent on how much of a ‘flight risk’ a person is.   Saying it another way: how likely it is for the person to skip bail, and not show up for their court date.  Now at that point they would become a fugitive running from the law, but that is a topic for another blog post.

In some, albeit, are cases, bail might be withheld completely by the judge.  That means no amount of money will be sufficient, and the person must remain in custody.  You see this often in high profile cases.  However, the majority of court cases are relatively minor in nature, and therefore the right Las Vegas bail bond agency comes into play.

When the need for bail bonds in Las Vegas is needed is when the judge sets the bail amount – typically a larger sum than most people have – and therefore they must seek outside assistance to obtain the full value of the bond amount.  A bail bond agency serves sort of as a lender to get this large amount of money into the hands of the court, thus meeting the financial burden set forth by the judge.

A Bail Bonding company needs to assess the flight risk of the person they are lending to, along with several other factors.  Every client must be considered prior to loaning the bail amount.  Typically, for this service, a bail bonding company will charge a percentage of the bail bond, in order to function as a business.  The average is 10%, but this amount, as with any loan, depends on the person, the case, and several other factors.

Once all the court dates have been attended, the person has fulfilled the obligations set forth, and the money is returned to the lending agency.