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Indemnitor might be a scary word, but all it really means is that you are responsible for the bail bond, and any associated costs in returning the defendant back into the court system, should they choose to run from the law. We are a Las Vegas bail bond agency that can handle this entire process.  You become the indemnitor when you are the person signing for the bail bond.   To say it another way, you become responsible for the person

Pricing When searching for the right bail bonds company in Las Vegas, it is important to understand all the cost implications involved in the process.  This is dependent not only on where you reside, but also the specific company that you choose to go with.  Although there are regulations on pricing, every company will handle pricing slightly differently.  At Brooks Bros, our focus is on providing a fair, agreed upon price for the services we render.  We purposely do not

When someone is arrested, and subsequently charged with domestic violence, the accused, or their family member or friend will want to contact a Nevada bail bonds company that specializes in domestic violence bail bonds in Las Vegas. In the majority of domestic violence cases, the bail bond can be posted at any time, on a 24 hour schedule, however this depends on the court’s operating hours and other factors. When a domestic battery charge goes through it can either be

A Bail Bond agency is a company that will come to your rescue when any person accused of a crime needs to get out of a Las Vegas jail.  Of course, this would be applicable to any person, regardless of their location, but we deal particularly with Las Vegas, Henderson, and the surrounding areas only. When bail is set by the appointed judge, that sum of money needs to be deposited with the court system as an assurance that the

Las Vegas Bail Bonds Stay Out of Trouble in Las Vegas Everyone talks about the incredible, and sometimes risky things that you can do in Las Vegas for a good time. There are endless opportunities to get into trouble while having fun, and the objective should be to stay out of jail while you’re having fun.  If you find yourself facing any amount of jail time, and need help getting out, you can look to us for credible bail bonds

If you ever find yourself or a loved one in trouble with the law and arrested, you will probably want to act quickly to avoid sitting in jail. A bail bond can help get you out of jail until your court date, but it is important that you understand how they work. Bail bonds are furnished by licensed bail agencies. These agencies charge a percentage of the bail amount, which usually saves the arrestee and family members money. It is

Many people assume that bail and a bond are the same thing. While they are similar, there is a difference. Bail is the amount of money that the court  sets, based on the arrest charge, that is required to be paid in order to begin the jail release process. A bond is part of the financial agreement between a bail bond agency and the court.  There are several other differences between bail, and a bond, such as: Bail Bail is

If a loved one is arrested, you may be worried, mad and unsure of what to do. Luckily, Clark County offers an online inmate search that allows you to located a loved one in the jail systems and find out exactly where they are. You won’t have to worry for long, you can find anyone arrested in Clark County quickly and easily in just a few steps.

What will they come up with next? Just a heads up to anyone with a friend or loved one in Clark County Detention Center – be careful! Scam artists in Clark County have found a way to scam people into paying fake bail! You read correctly, In recent weeks, officials at the DGSIU have been receiving reports about scammers using Green Dot Money Paks and Google Voice. Early inquiries into this situation suggests that individuals are being targeted over the phone by scammers who claim

As much as you may not want to think about it, there may come a time when you find yourself in jail and need to post bail. When you post bail with a Las Vegas Bail Bonds Service, you are allowed to leave jail until your scheduled court appearance. You obviously still need to fight the charges against you, but being able to go home is better than sitting in a cell until your case goes to trial. There are