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Many people assume that bail and a bond are the same thing. While they are similar, there is a difference. Bail is the amount of money that the court  sets, based on the arrest charge, that is required to be paid in order to begin the jail release process. A bond is part of the financial agreement between a bail bond agency and the court.  There are several other differences between bail, and a bond, such as: Bail Bail is

Bail bonds can be expensive, but they are also sometimes necessary and convenient. If you find yourself in need of a bail bond, you may be required to put a down payment on the bond. This down payment is usually and percentage of the total bond amount and can also be based on your credit score and history. What If I Don’t Have Any Money To Put Down? If you don’t have enough money for a bail bond down payment,

If you have a loved one who has been arrested in North Las Vegas, the chances are that they were sent to the Clark County Detention Center. When you are trying to find out where an inmate is, if they are okay or when they can be picked up, it is important to know how to find and contact them. Luckily, most jail systems offer inmate look-up services. Find more information about Clark County Detention Center here. 

If you have to get a bail bond you may be concerned about how much it will cost. Costs can vary depending on each state, but there are several things that determine the total cost of a bail bond. Allowable Bail Premium This amount is set by each state and can vary. It is the highest price a

The Henderson Detention Center is located in Henderson, Nevada. It employs approximately 114 employees and houses an average of 500 inmates on a daily basis. The facility houses adults only and juveniles are not kept at the detention center. Although the Henderson Detention Center thrives on treating the inmates locked up there with respect, having a friend or loved one incarcerated can be difficult. This detention center is responsible for the temporary detainment of: City misdemeanants, United States Marshal Service

If a loved one is arrested, you may be worried, mad and unsure of what to do. Luckily, Clark County offers an online inmate search that allows you to located a loved one in the jail systems and find out exactly where they are. You won’t have to worry for long, you can find anyone arrested in Clark County quickly and easily in just a few steps.

  If you post cash bail directly to the court or jail,  you should expect to get some of that money back. Sometimes it can take a little time to recover the funds. If you are concerned about how to get your cash bail money back, there are a few things you can do. Contact the court of jurisdiction. This can be either Justice, Municipal, or District court. They will be able to let you know how long it generally

What will they come up with next? Just a heads up to anyone with a friend or loved one in Clark County Detention Center – be careful! Scam artists in Clark County have found a way to scam people into paying fake bail! You read correctly, In recent weeks, officials at the DGSIU have been receiving reports about scammers using Green Dot Money Paks and Google Voice. Early inquiries into this situation suggests that individuals are being targeted over the phone by scammers who claim

If you have an interest in becoming a bail bondsmen or a bounty hunter, you should familiarize yourself with the business. You may think you know everything there is to know about bail bondsmen and bonds, but you may be surprised to learn that there is a lot more involved than what most people realize. There are six things you should know about bail, bail bondsmen and bounty hunters before you decide if the career field is right for you.

Most people hope that they never find themselves in jail. However, if it happens you will want to get out as soon as possible. If you don’t want to remain in jail until your court date, your best option is to contact a bondsman to arrange to be let out of jail on bond. Getting bail bonds can be a convenient way to get out of jail early, but like anything, there are pros and cons associated with getting bail bonds.