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Indemnitor might be a scary word, but all it really means is that you are responsible for the bail bond, and any associated costs in returning the defendant back into the court system, should they choose to run from the law. We are a Las Vegas bail bond agency that can handle this entire process.  You become the indemnitor when you are the person signing for the bail bond.   To say it another way, you become responsible for the person

Pricing When searching for the right bail bonds company in Las Vegas, it is important to understand all the cost implications involved in the process.  This is dependent not only on where you reside, but also the specific company that you choose to go with.  Although there are regulations on pricing, every company will handle pricing slightly differently.  At Brooks Bros, our focus is on providing a fair, agreed upon price for the services we render.  We purposely do not

When someone is arrested, and subsequently charged with domestic violence, the accused, or their family member or friend will want to contact a Nevada bail bonds company that specializes in domestic violence bail bonds in Las Vegas. In the majority of domestic violence cases, the bail bond can be posted at any time, on a 24 hour schedule, however this depends on the court’s operating hours and other factors. When a domestic battery charge goes through it can either be

A Bail Bond agency is a company that will come to your rescue when any person accused of a crime needs to get out of a Las Vegas jail.  Of course, this would be applicable to any person, regardless of their location, but we deal particularly with Las Vegas, Henderson, and the surrounding areas only. When bail is set by the appointed judge, that sum of money needs to be deposited with the court system as an assurance that the

Working in any type of business has its pros and cons. The benefits of working at a bail bonds business often outweigh the cons. If you are considering a career in bail bonds you should consider these benefits: Working in Criminal Justice Some individuals may want to pursue a career that works in the industry of criminal justice because they have been personally experienced or had a close experience with someone in criminal justice. The sense of helping others in

Not all bail bonds are created equal, and in all instances using a bail bond company may not be the best option. Should you find yourself in trouble with the law, and in need of a bail bond, here are some of the items you should weight to determine if bail is the right choice for you. Advantages of a Bail Bond Release from jail until your court date. Able to work, contributing to your family unit. Able to make

Las Vegas is a city that attracts a wide range of individuals, and some of them behave in bizarre ways. The world of bail bonds has certainly experienced its share of outlandish tales. The following are two examples of bizarre Las Vegas bail bonds stories that involve bail bondsmen. The Top Bizarre Las Vegas Bail Bonds Stories Involving Bail Bondsmen One of the top stories involves a former bail bondsman. After serving time for a prior crime, the man ran

Bail Bondsmen get a Bad Rap While some bail bondsmen are known for their ridiculous advertising, it often gives the public the impression that bail is shady business.  While often there’s a bad rap for bail bondsmen, in reality they’re heavily regulated insurance agents trying to stand out in a crowded market place. Unfortunately, some bail companies are not properly educated with the law and in the end, the consumer is mislead or taken advantage of. Reputable bondsmen provide a

If you ever find yourself or a loved one in trouble with the law and arrested, you will probably want to act quickly to avoid sitting in jail. A bail bond can help get you out of jail until your court date, but it is important that you understand how they work. Bail bonds are furnished by licensed bail agencies. These agencies charge a percentage of the bail amount, which usually saves the arrestee and family members money. It is

Bail bonds can be expensive, but they are also sometimes necessary and convenient. If you find yourself in need of a bail bond, you may be required to put a down payment on the bond. This down payment is usually and percentage of the total bond amount and can also be based on your credit score and history. What If I Don’t Have Any Money To Put Down? If you don’t have enough money for a bail bond down payment,