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Las Vegas is a city that attracts a wide range of individuals, and some of them behave in bizarre ways. The world of bail bonds has certainly experienced its share of outlandish tales. The following are two examples of bizarre Las Vegas bail bonds stories that involve bail bondsmen. The Top Bizarre Las Vegas Bail Bonds Stories Involving Bail Bondsmen One of the top stories involves a former bail bondsman. After serving time for a prior crime, the man ran

Bail Bondsmen get a Bad Rap While some bail bondsmen are known for their ridiculous advertising, it often gives the public the impression that bail is shady business.  While often there’s a bad rap for bail bondsmen, in reality they’re heavily regulated insurance agents trying to stand out in a crowded market place. Unfortunately, some bail companies are not properly educated with the law and in the end, the consumer is mislead or taken advantage of. Reputable bondsmen provide a

The Henderson Detention Center is located in Henderson, Nevada. It employs approximately 114 employees and houses an average of 500 inmates on a daily basis. The facility houses adults only and juveniles are not kept at the detention center. Although the Henderson Detention Center thrives on treating the inmates locked up there with respect, having a friend or loved one incarcerated can be difficult. This detention center is responsible for the temporary detainment of: City misdemeanants, United States Marshal Service

What will they come up with next? Just a heads up to anyone with a friend or loved one in Clark County Detention Center – be careful! Scam artists in Clark County have found a way to scam people into paying fake bail! You read correctly, In recent weeks, officials at the DGSIU have been receiving reports about scammers using Green Dot Money Paks and Google Voice. Early inquiries into this situation suggests that individuals are being targeted over the phone by scammers who claim