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A Bad Rap for Bail Bondsmen; But Why?

Bail Bondsmen get a Bad Rap

While some bail bondsmen are known for their ridiculous advertising, it often gives the public the impression that bail is shady business.  While often there’s a bad rap for bail bondsmen, in reality they’re heavily regulated insurance agents trying to stand out in a crowded market place. Unfortunately, some bail companies are not properly educated with the law and in the end, the consumer is mislead or taken advantage of.

Reputable bondsmen provide a vital service to the court and community members. Since bail is regulated by the Department of Insurance, all bail bondsmen can be considered agents of insurance. Bail Bonds secure the release of a jailed person by ensuring the court that the bail company will provide the insurance to make sure  the jailed person makes all scheduled court appearances. Bail bondsmen that work with the courts tend to have more flexibility for release than other bondsmen.