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Bail Bonds Questions

What is bail?
Bail is a process of our legal system, which allows a person to be released from jail after paying a sum of money to the court. The money is held by the court until all of the court proceedings, regarding the arrest charges, are completed. Bail is viewed as a promise to the court that the arrested person will show up for all court date appearances. The courts will keep all of the money if the arrested person does not show up for a court appearance, and order a warrant for arrest.
What is the purpose of a bail bond?
In most cases, it is easier for an arrested person to pay bail to the courts through a bail bonds agency. Rather than paying the full amount of the bail, a bail bonds agency will charge an arrested person a percentage of the bail. In the state of Nevada, the bail bonds agency will charge 15% of the entire bail amount. For example, if bail is set at $1,000.00 the costs to bail out of jail is $150.00. The bail bonds agency will deliver a bail bond to the courts, rather than cash. The bail bond is given to the courts for a jail release and the courts treat the bail bond as though the full cash amount of the bail was paid including the promise to appear in court.
How do you start the bail bond process?
Simply contact our agency and provide us with the name of the arrested person. One of our licensed team members will locate the detention facility where the arrested person has been taken to, contact the facility to verify the bail amount, and then complete the necessary paperwork to ensure the jail release.

The bail bond process may be completed over the phone by supplying one of our team members with necessary information regarding the arrested person and additionally there are a few documents that will require your signature. These documents may be presented to you via email, delivered to you by one of our team members, or you may come into our office to receive them. The documents include, a client information form, payment arrangement form (if necessary), authorization to process payment, and an information form regarding future court dates and client responsibilities.

What types of bail bonds does your agency provide?
We provide jail release bail bonds for all misdemeanor and felony arrests including warrant arrests, drug possession, domestic battery, assault, casino cheating, grand larceny, and DUI.
What are the areas that you provide bail bonds?
We service all of Clark County, including but not limited to, Las Vegas, Henderson, Pahrump, and Laughlin. Get in trouble in another state? Any jail any time we bail you out! We can bail Clark County residents out of any state and any jurisdiction.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, cash, and money orders.
Are there additional costs for using your agency?
No, we provide all of our services at no additional costs. However, some courts require a bail fee to be paid when accepting bail. The fee is usually $50.00 and is paid regardless of how the bail is delivered to the court.
Do all bail bonds offer free mobile service and transportation?
No. Our company provides complete mobile service. This means you don’t have to come to our office, we will travel to you. We will travel to you to complete all of the necessary paperwork and we will provide transportation for your loved one once they have been released from jail. We make the bail process easy. Any jail Any time.. we bail!

Knowledge Base

What are the differences between the Bail Amount and the Premium Amount?
The bail amount is the full amount of the bail set by the court. The premium bail (bail bond cost) is the dollar amount charged by our agency for providing the jail with a bond to release the defendant.
What is an indemnitor?
The indemnitor is the co-signer of the bail bond and is usually the person making the initial payment for the bail bond. The indemnitor is responsible for the defendant showing up to all scheduled court appearances and has inherent rights as the co-signer.
Is the premium refundable?
No. Once the bail bond has been posted to the jail, the premium is not refundable regardless of the defendants innocence, case dismissal or unjust arrest.

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