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Bail Bonds

At Brooks Brothers Bail Bonds we believe that helping our clients and providing knowledgeable service by helping our clients to understand the arrest and bail process to alleviate some of the grief and confusion often associated with incarceration of a loved one. For this reason, representatives are trained and always available to answer any question you may have 24 hours a day!

The Complete Bail Bond Process


1. Someone is Arrested or in Jail

You may witnessed the arrest of a loved one or they may have contacted you from jail. We understand the stress and anxiety that you may be feeling. An arrest can be a traumatic experience. Try to remain clam and find out as much information as you can. If you witness the arrest, ask which jail will be used for the booking. If you received a phone call from your loved one, ask which jail they are in and if they have a booking number. It is important to get the person’s booking number as this is their identification number for the jail and will assist in getting them out faster. Write down the booking number and give that to our agents so that we can locate your loved one quickly in the system.

Call Us

2. Call us Immediately at 702.989.8688

Give us a call! We will help you NOW! We can walk you through the entire bail bond process. When you contact us, please have the persons name, the name of the jail they are in, and the booking number. If you do not have any of this information, give us as much information as you have and we will handle the rest. We can locate the booking number and which jail they are in. One of our friendly agents will calmly walk you through the bail process and offer guidance as to your specific needs. There is some basic information we will need about you and the person you will want to bail out of jail. We can gather the information we need over the phone, through e-mail, fax or in person. We will travel to you! Anywhere! The entire process will take about 15 minutes. Afterwards, we will IMMEDIATELY begin the process of getting your loved one released.

Any Jail

3. Any Jail..Any Time.. we Bail!

Once we have completed the paperwork with you, including giving you copies of everything you signed and a receipt of payment, we will post bail at the jail.. IMMEDIATELY.


4. Your Loved One is Released and a FREE ride home!

Once we post the bail, the jail will immediately begin the process of releasing your loved one.  The amount of time it takes for someone to be released from jail greatly depends on the jail staff and jail situation. Some of our clients have been released from jail within a few hours, and others have spent a longer period of time in the releasing process. Please note releasing and processing can take some time.

Once our client has been released from jail, we will pick them up and complete additional paperwork with them. Once paperwork is signed and a copy given to the client, we will provide a free ride home! We always ensure that our clients arrive to their destinations safely.

Contact Brooks Brothers Bail Bonds 24/7 to begin your bail process.