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    Brooks Brothers Bail Bonds is a Las Vegas Bail Bonds agency that provides jail release for clients who are arrested for any misdemeanor, felony, DUI and battery charge. Whether you are a local resident or a tourist, our Las Vegas Bail Bonds agents can help you. Read More

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    We have experience with the bail bonds process for all criminal charges, including battery domestic violence, DUI & drunk driving charges, solicitation for prostitution, casino cheating and drug charges. We work with some of the best attorneys in Las Vegas who will ensure you have proper legal representation.

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    The Bail Process

    We’ll be happy to explain the entire Bail Bonds process to you. In short, you’ll pay a small percentage of the full bail bond amount. Of course we offer affordable rates, 0% financing, and in some cases no money down to initiate the jail release. Read More

Our commitment to you, will make a difference.

 We bring a level of commitment to the mission of serving the community that may surprise you. We service all of Nevada, California, and especially the Las Vegas area including the Clark County Detention Center, Las Vegas City jail, Henderson jail, Pahrump jail, and the Laughlin jail.

 For excellent service, call now!  (702) 989-8688

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  • Common Bail Bonds We Provide

    Although we provide bail bonds for all misdemeanor and felony charges, some of the most common are:

    Las Vegas Domestic Battery Bail Bonds. It is not uncommon for an innocent Las Vegas resident or tourist to find themselves arrested for a Domestic Battery charge. Usually it’s the result of a simple argument between two consenting adults.  Occasionally it may be the result of an angry partner who calls the police during an argument.

    DUI Bail Bonds. Admitting to having a glass of wine at a check point or simple traffic stop is enough to warrant a field sobriety test. Most of the time, an arrest for a DUI charge does not mean the that driver was over intoxicated.

    Casino Cheating Bail Bonds This arrest charge happens to both locals and tourists. It’s usually a misunderstanding with the dealer, especially if the player is new to gambling procedures.

    Grand Larceny Bail Bonds Most of the bail bonds we provide for this arrest charge are due to a failure in communication between two parties.

    Drug Possession Bail Bonds With new laws emerging every day, the local police departments are still figuring out new policy for drug possession. Usually medical marijuana falls into this category.

  • Brooks Brothers Bail Bonds is a confidential service

    Being arrested for a criminal charge and using a bail bonds agency does not mean your a criminal. We understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people. Surprisingly, most of our clients are well established residents who are arrested for simple misunderstandings. We have a strict policy not to share any information regarding an arrest and the use of our bail bonds service. Our clients feel comfortable knowing that we will do everything we can to help them through the bail bonds and jail release process without disclosing any information about them to third parties.

    If your friend or loved one is being held at the Clark County Detention Center, Las Vegas City jail, Henderson jail, Pahrump jail, or the Laughlin jail, we are here to get them released. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please call us for a free bail bonds consultation at (702) 989-8688.

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